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Hessian Roll

Hessian Roll 137cm x 46 Metre

Hessian Roll 137cm x 46 Metre Ref: BULHESSIAN  

Price: 59.27 (Including VAT at 20%)

Hessian Roll 137cm x 1 Metre

Hessian Roll 137cm x 1 Metre Ref: BULHESSIAN1M  

Price: 3.73 (Including VAT at 20%)

Uses for Hessian

Uses for Hessian

Builders Hessian will protect lime work from the rain, direct sunlight and drying wind/breeze to allow carbonation to take place and hence prevent failure. In colder weather it offers great frost protection but there are also several other uses that we have found out about from customers.

Hessian is widely used in ‘crafting’ and can be dyed or bleached to give almost unlimited uses so there are probably hundreds of other applications in addition to these that we have heard about:

  • Making hessian table runners for weddings or special events
  • Making hessian curtains for a restaurant
  • Using the hessian as scenery backdrop for schools and local theatrical groups
  • Creating Hessian artwork for college projects
  • Used for 'smoking' bees*

Our hessian is 7.5 ounce and is a 100% natural product making it incredibly eco-friendly.

*The hessian is used for burning in the 'smoker' which is used to produce thick smoke to subdue the bees whilst their hive is inspected.

Online Catalogue |  Hessian Roll