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How to fit a cold water tank lagging jacket

All our tank jackets come with fitting instructions

How to fit a cold water tank lagging jacket

This page is intended to give information applicable to the deluxe cold water tank insulation jackets that we supply.

The deluxe lagging jackets are 60mm thick and offer extra protection against freezing. They are made up of two pieces and can easily be applied in a matter of minutes.

The information on this page is taken from the fitting instructions that are included with every jacket.

Lagging your cold water tank: Step by step


The insulation jacket has one long and one short panel.

The long panel fits around the tank sides and the short panel fits over the tank lid.

Cut the tape attaching the label to the jacket (Do not tear)
  1. Unroll the jacket, shake lightly and allow a few minutes for the insulation to expand.
  2. Wrap the jacket around the tank, starting at the centre of one of the shorter sides.
  3. All sides of the tank should be fully covered. Loosley tie the jacket, using the tapes provided and adjust so that the ties are one third from the top and one third from the bottom of the tank so they are spaced equally.
  4. Place the short panel over the tank lid and cut the insulation to suit vent pipes etc (if fitted) Use self adhesive insulated tape to seal any cut edges.
  5. Check the fit of the jacket to ensure even coverage.

Ensure that the jacket is not in close proximity to heaters, light bulbs, or other sources of heat. On no account should these products be kept in direct sunlight.

Benefits of a lagged cold water tank

Benefits of a lagged cold water tank

Insulating cold water tanks and pipes protects them against frost damage, but there is another often overlooked benefit too - Saving energy.

Generally, cold water in an insulated tank is warmer than water in a tank without insulation, so it uses less energy to heat.