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How To Lag Your Pipes - Video

This short video produced by 'Affinity Water' shows how quick and easy it is to avoid costly repair bills by lagging your pipework.

The video shows step by step how to lag outside pipes using the tubular style pipe lagging. For outside pipes we would recommend the use of our insultube pipe lagging. In the video 15mm by 13mm lagging is used, and this would be suitable in a large number of cases. An outside tap cover is also shown being fitted.

Also mentioned is the internal pipework that you would typically find in your loft. For these pipes not exposed to the elements directly the climaflex pipe lagging would be more suitable.

For any houses with cold water tanks in the loft and insulation jacket is an essential item. For the relatively low cost one can be fitted that will give you peace of mind that your water cold water supply will not be in danger of freezing should the temperature drop substantially.

Pipe Lagging Explained

Pipe Lagging Explained

The lagging used in the video is shown to be size 15mm x 19mm, meaning it is suitable for 15mm pipes and has 19mm thickness of insulation.

The diagram shows the features of our Climaflex and Insultube lagging which are both cut along the length to make fitting as easy as possible. The lagging can easily be cut to size and secured with either tape or cable-ties.

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